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That quote by Jeffrey Zeldman, one of the web's leading designers is crucial to your site's success. Placing all your focus on the design of a site and neglecting the actual content can be very detrimental to the way visitors interact with your site.

About our copywriter

Neil has extensive experience creating copy for some of the UK's largest companies. He's written for Premier League Football Clubs, Banks, Universities and some of the UK's largest retail brands such as Carling. All of them have in common, the objective of communicating efficiently with their users. To achieve this he creates optimised website content designed to catch the attention of visitors and convert them to customers.

How he works...

He makes your target audience their primary concern and establishes who you are trying to appeal to with your product or service and targets the content accordingly. This is done while ensuring that the unique selling points of your product or service are the focal points of the reader's attention.

Focus is placed on creating genuine, essential content that answers their key questions, solves their most pressing problems, and gives them what they want. The aim is to make them finish reading the website copy and struggle to find reasons not to choose your company.

Having natural well written content is also crucial to how your site performs for search engine rankings. Learn more about this here.

Finding out more...

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