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Web Design Process

Our Design Process - fine-tuned over 15 years experience to get the best possible results for your project.

Understanding and correctly estimating a project specification from the very start is vital to everything we do as part of our Web Design service.

This helps us deliver seamlessly on time and on budget projects that really do get results.

The initial contact

When a client, either existing or new makes a new enquiry, we take down some initial notes to build an early picture of the requirements

This helps us gain an insight as to the size of the design, potential functionality needed, how far down the line the client is in terms of content prepared, logos and branding created etc. Depending on the project size, we can then possibly give a ballpark price and timescale.

The meeting

We then like to have a meeting to work through the proposed work in detail. This is ideally a face to face meeting but can also be held using online virtual meeting software or over the phone if required.

For face to face meetings, we are happy to come and visit you in your workplace although we generally find it more productive for clients to come to our office as we have multiple screen layouts which makes it easier to demonstrate and explain ideas.

During the meeting, we will explore all aspects of your specification with you to ensure that we have fully understood every detail. We may make suggestions on potential different ways it could work or be expanded. We gain an understanding of your business and how it works which helps us plan out a potential design.

Quotation and Contracts

After the meeting, we will then supply you with a full quotation, usually emailed as a PDF. This will outline all the proposed work, suggested timescales and proposed costs for the project.

If this meets your satisfaction and you wish to proceed, then we will send you a digital contract to sign. This is signed on-line and processed via Echosign and will contain a copy of our full terms and conditions and a summary of the proposed work.

Once that is signed and any required deposits have been received, then work will commence in accordance with the quoted timescales.

The Development Process

We develop all our sites on one of our development servers, for example We give you this link at the start of development so you can observe the site's progression at every stage.

During each project, we set fixed review points at key stages but we also actively encourage feedback and observations at any point during the process as it's far better to know that you'd like to change something at an early stage than in the final stages.

Finding out more...

We love to discuss new ideas and projects - talk to us!

Call us on 01653 272 900, use our Live Chat service or simply fill out the form below and we'll get right back to you.

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