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“An instant hit marketing strategy - Managed by Google Qualified consultants”

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC through Google Adwords will put your website instantly on top of google for your chosen keywords via the Ads section. An instant solution for those who want to get in front their customers loud and clear.

Our experienced consultants, who knows their way around the Adwords dashboard is the only way to maximize your ad budgets and turn your website into a true sales machine. PPC does involve more costs than SEO, however this is expected to get instant results.

Your business will have to allocate a daily budget directly to google to bid on the keywords for your business. Our expertise will ensure that this budget will be efficiently and effectively used to see a huge return on investment. Or services include:

Research & proposal: Our Google qualified partners will scour the vast resources we have available to us to research what will work for your business and industry, and generate a proposal that will fit your needs

Set-up: From research and proposal we will setup your account in the correct way. Our consultants know their way around the complicated adwords dashboard to set up keywords, campaigns, budgets, and host of other settings and configurations.

Monthly management: We won’t set up your campaigns to only leave it fight for itself. We guide your bespoke campaign to ensure performance is as good as it can be, everyday, It involves constant monitoring, tweaking & re-strategising to ensure we meet your business goals. We also offer clients state of the art monitoring tool, that tracks visitors and companies on your website - the ultimate marketing and sales tool. We will also give you access to our reporting/analytics tool, which allows real time tracking and visitor/company level tracking (call tracking available also at extra cost). This is our commitment to providing a fully transparent, results driven and quality service.

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