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Graphic Design FAQ

What format will you provide any designs in?

For images we have designed for you (e.g. logos) we will provide them in three formats;

    • JPG: These have a smaller file size and are ideal for all use, online or offline.
    • PNG: These will have a larger file size but come with a transparent background. These are generally only needed for online use for occasions when you would like the image to sit above the site background without a white box sitting around it.
    • PDF for printing.

We will provide the image in a few sizes, and if there is a text element to your designs then generally they'll be provided as separate images as well as combined images.

We are able to supply the images in other formats as well, so please get in touch if you do require something other than the three listed above.

Do I have to have a new logo made if I have my website redesigned.

Not at all. We appreciate that if you've spent a lot of money on offline branding (business cards, flyers, etc) then changing your logo can be entirely counter productive, and can take up a lot of time and effort.

We are more than happy to work with your current logo and create a website that fits in with your branding, but is still a fresh, new, design.

On the other hand, if you desperately want to change your logo then that's fine too, just let us know sooner rather than later as a logo is often our point of reference for colour schemes and other design aspects.

Can you edit my pre-existing logo?

We prefer to start from scratch so as not to encroach on anyone's credit or copyright on your previous logo.

The exception to this would be if you had personally designed the logo and were happy for us to alter it.

Generally speaking it is a lot easier to start from scratch anyway.

How much will it cost?

It's impossible to say without knowledge of the complexity of your needs. If you require a simple logo, chances are it won't cost much at all.

The best way to find out is to get in touch with us and explain to us what you want so we can create a more comprehensive quote.

Do you offer a printing service?

Not directly. We do however work with some high quality printing companies who we trust and strongly recommend. We can either liase with them for you, or we can pass along their details and you can go to them directly.

How long will it take?

As always it depends on the size of the project. If you only want a simple logo providing then this can potentially be done within a few days. More complex design projects can take a few weeks.

If you design a logo for me, can I use it outside of the website.

You can. Once your final invoice has been paid you will own the rights to your logo. So you can use it for any marketing purpose you see fit.

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